Welcome to Savtrik.com

Our Vision: "We provide energy independency, simplicity access, and sustainability solution for our customer while helping reduce air polution to make big impact for cleaner Indonesia."

Our Mission:
1. Create sustainable solution by helping utility company managing the distributed solar power generation.
2. Create simplicity access in solar installation process with national standard guidance.
3. Create freedom to choose affordable energy independency for our customer while together reduce air polution.

Tentang Kami

Anggota Tim

"Together anything is possible."

Miftah Ahmad Choiri

Product Manager

M. Syahrian Adil

Front End Engineer

Reza Rizky Pahlevi

Hardware Engineer

Wildan Addition

Backend Engineer

Satrya Bagus

Mobile App Developer



Kelvin Liusiani

Data Scientist

Sayyidul Ayik

IoT Engineer